Monday, March 21, 2011

The Stock Market Challenge

Follow these directions:

1. Click on your period's link
2. Click Sign up for free
3. Register on the site (ignore the free offers!)
4. At the Practice Trading - Please Log In site, put in your password to log in
5. Join the contest by using the Period 3/4/7 Game password
6. Do NOT invite people!
7. Explore the site and navigation system
8. Buy some stock and keep track of it on your stock market tracking sheet
9. You must track and record your stocks at least twice a week, Mon.-Thursday.
     I plan to check them on Fridays.

 Period 3 Game    -   Contest Name: MsR-P3    -    password: pthree
Join my free Stock Contest at!

Period 4 Game    -    Contest Name: MsR-P4    -    password: pfour
Join my free Stock Contest at!

Period 7 Game  -    Contest Name: MsR-P7    -    password: pseven
Join my free Stock Contest at!